Find your kid the best luxury car for the best price only at global buy. Our cars are all electric driven with tons of amazing features.

Select a car model from many different brands of luxury cars. Models range from Bmw, Bentley, Mercedes and Ferrari and much much more.

No one needs to wait till 18 to get their first car, when you shop at globalbuy.


R3,999.00 R2,999.00

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Ride on Bulldozer

R1,999.00 R1,250.00

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R1,999.00 R999.00
Out of stock
R1,899.00 R999.00

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Polaris New Model

R6,999.00 R4,500.00
R1,200.00 R799.00
R4,500.00 R1,999.00
R4,499.00 R3,499.00
R3,499.00 R1,999.00

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R3,499.00 R2,500.00

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