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Why use 5 pans to make a great meal when you only need one? Cook up to five different foods all at once on one burner with the Magic Pan! Prepare a complete breakfast, big burger meal, full fajitas, or a healthy salmon dinner with veggies. The possible food combinations are endless! Plus, when you’re finished you’ll have just one pan to clean. Cook faster, clean less, and still enjoy great meals!


  • Prepare a meal using one pan and a single hob
  • Multi-sectional design to cooking five foods at once
  • Suitable for all surfaces including induction hobs
  • Non-stick / non-toxic coating (PTFE / no PFOAs)
  • Cook faster, clean less, and enjoy great meals


  • 1 x Magic Pan
  • Only 1 pan needed to cook a full meal
  • Non-stick & stain resistant
  • Material : Aluminium
  • Size : 32cm x 38cm

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